GMOs Are Back

You might have noticed that I've been posting quite a bit on biotechnology and GMOs recently.  Part of this is in response to the developments associated with Prop 37, but it's also because it's been in the news a lot lately.  

Apparently it isn't just me.  Here is a graph from google trends showing trends in searches for the word "GMO":


The trend largely confirms my own interest in the issue (maybe I'm just a trend follower).  I did a lot of work on consumer acceptance of biotechnology in the early 2000s.  Then, it seemed the literature was saturated with academic papers on the topic.  I even wrote a Meta analysis (a summary of previous studies) on consumer acceptance of GMOs because I was getting so many papers to review on the subject.  For a while I lost interest in the topic because it seemed all had been said that was to be said.  But, the topic is back with a vengeance.  It will be interesting to see what new research will be motivated by current events.

On that note, here are two interesting links (here and here) on recent developments in France regarding the rat study claiming to link GMOs with tumor development.  Apparently, other French scientists were none too impressed by the study.  And, the French government is no longer challenging Monsanto's license to sell GM corn in the EU.