A Symbol of Government Over-Reach

The Huffington Post just published an editorial by yours truly about the ban on large sodas in New York City.  Here are the concluding paragraphs:

I doubt Bloomberg really expects his large-sized-soda ban to have much impact. Rather, it serves as a symbol. But a symbol of what? Perhaps, it symbolizes his passion about the health of New Yorkers. Yet, it is also a symbol of government over-reach; of a government that knows no bounds in reaching into the minutia of our daily lives for the sole purpose of creating a symbol.
Bloomberg is right to presume people know best whom to marry and whether to indulge in a little cannabis. All I'm asking is that he give the same leeway at the soda fountain.

In the article, I point out the hypocrisy of Bloomberg's liberal stance on everything from gay marriage to abortion to pot smoking.  These things he wants to legalize;  selling large sodas, however, is a criminal offence.  This cartoon by Mike Luckovich says it all: