Organic fear mongering

The following video from MSN contains some of the worst kind of fear mongering in relation to non-organic foods.  Eat non-organic celery?  It will lower your kids IQ.  Eat non-organic apples?  Your kids will get ADHD.  

The  sources for all the claims in the video (see the bottom right hand part of the screen) are to places like,,,, and  Of course, non of the actual links are provided, so one can only guess at what "evidence" supports the claims.  I would bet good money the claims arise from associative studies that cannot support cause-effect claims.

If you want real facts on organic (along with citations to real science journals), I suggest chapter 5 of The Food Police. A twitter follower also pointed me to this older paper on the history of "black marketing" associated with some (but not all) wings of the organic food movement.