Genetically Modified Wheat

An editorial I coauthored with Henry Miller is set to be published at the New York Times on Monday.  In the piece, we argue that wheat, as a commodity, and wheat farmers as a consequence, have lost competitive ground to crops like corn, soy, and canola that have - unlike wheat - adopted generic engineering.  To be sure, this is a complicated issue and there are many factors at play.  But to sustainably meet the needs of a growing world population, all tools, including biotechnology, should be on the table.  Whether an individual farmer decides to adopt or a miller chooses to accept GE wheat is of course, their choice to make.  Right now that choice doesn't exist.

By the way, I'll remind readers of what I'm sure to be accused of: I do not work for Monsanto nor do I have any financial connection to them.  

Those interested in reading more on biotech and agriculture might find Chapter 6 of The Food Police useful.