Food Demand Survey (FooDS) - August 2014

The August 2014 edition of the Food Demand Survey (FooDS) is now out.

A few noteworthy highlights:

  • Willingness-to-pay (WTP) for meat products remains steady.  Beef and poultry WTPs are virtually unchanged from last month but are up relative to a year ago.
  • WTP for the two pork products (chops and ham) significantly rose in August relative to July.
  • For the first time since we've been doing Foods (over a year and a half), more people told us they plan to buy more beef in the coming weeks than said they plan to buy less beef.
  • Consumers continue to expect to see increasingly higher prices for beef in the coming weeks; inflationary expectations for chicken and pork remain similar to last month but are higher than a year ago.
  • More people are planning to eat out than was the case a year ago.
  • Concern for "pink slime" and for lean fine textured beef rose this month relative to July, although consumers did not report hearing more about these topics in the news.
  • The largest drops in concern this month were for mad cow, bird flu, and GMOs.