Prop 2's Eventual Effect on California Egg Prices

I've seen a number of stories in recent weeks about the effects of Prop 2 on California egg prices (e.g., see here or here). To recap, in 2008 California voters passed Prop 2 which essentially outlawed the use of "battery" cages in egg production in the state.  California producers, fearful they would be put out of business by cheaper eggs from out of state, then secured passage of a state law in 2010 that also banned grocery stores from selling eggs that didn't meet the new California standard.  Several state attorney generals challenged the law, on the grounds that it violated the interstate commerce clause, but their initial attempt was unsuccessful.  

In any event, all this finally went down on January 1, 2015.  It seems California consumers are noticing higher prices (Note: it seems egg prices were already rising throughout the country before this).

One of my students, from California, passed along this picture one of his friends recently took at a California grocery store.