Anti-GMO propaganda in most unlikely of places

The internet can be a dangerous place for kids.  That's why I was a bit worried when my son said to me today on the way to school: "you won't believe what I saw on Mom's computer."

I was only slightly relieved to hear that he had headed over to a web site a friend had told him about called that links to a bunch of kid's games.  Having talked with me several times about GMOs, he thought I'd be interested to know there were at least three games  at the website on the topic.   You can play the game "Harvest" - the goal of which is to "protect your barn from waves of GMO invaders" or play the games "Stop GMO" or "Stop GMO 2" (the later games seem to be made by a company called MyPlayYard games).

There are insightful images, such as this one of a rabbit pouring some toxic substance on carrots before you're thrown into a game where you're being chased by scary looking radishes and carrots where you must kill or be killed.  

Precondition a generation of kids to be fearful of GMOs, to learn to shoot first and ask questions later, and we wonder why it sometimes so hard to have reasonable discussions about biotechnology . . .