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The less kindly view is that as federal dietary guidance has failed to resonate with Americans, the strategy has been simply to repeat the same messages—only louder and with more chastising.

she sensibly recommends:

nutrition-policy leaders must acknowledge that their utopian grocery cart looks nothing like the average American’s practical cart. The Dietary Guidelines must reflect the experience of how people really eat and what they can change versus how experts wish they would eat. Advice should be given in terms the public can understand and reinforce the tenets of sensible eating: balance, variety and moderation. We must also collaborate with the food industry to help produce and market healthy food and beverage choices.

This piece in Wired discuses the FOIA requests by an anti-GMO group aimed at several University scientists (one of the scientists, Kevin Folta, while complying with the FOIA request, is fighting back)

Dawn Thilmany McFadden asks, "What do we mean by local foods?"