Media Related Items

Kate Murphy wrote a little piece about me for the New York Times Sunday Review.  I'm not sure how slow the news has to be before my reading, listening, and watching habits rise to the attention of NYT writers, but I'm happy to be included nonetheless.   Here's an excerpt.

LISTENING I listen to Russ Roberts’s “Econtalk” podcast. He is sort of a libertarian economist but likes to engage with lots of people with diverse opinions and picks up on topics that aren’t necessarily economics. I also really enjoy the podcast “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” which is exactly what it says. It’s like a mini history class. Most of my college courses were biology, math, physics. So this is one way I feel like I can find out about things I should have learned. And it’s just very entertaining and easy to listen to.

WATCHING My kids and I like the technological optimism in the movie “Tomorrowland.” There is a sense today that if we could turn back the clock and eat and farm like our grandparents we’d be a lot better off, and I think that’s just crazy. We’re producing more high quality food than we ever did and it’s a lot more affordable and we got that way from new technologies. I think there are some bad things that have happened and we are working on them, but in a lot of ways we’re really a lot better off. And Discovery’s “Airplane Repo” is an entertaining way to teach my kids not to spend more than they make. As a parent you’re always looking for ways to make a point without being preachy.

Secondly, on Tuesday I'm slated to film a piece for John Stossel's show on Fox Business on food fads and myths.  I'm not exactly sure when it will run, but it regularly appears on Fridays at 7 pm cst.