11 things to know about GMOs

Over the past year, I'd received a large number of inquiries about GMOs.  Some of the questions were from moms, others from farmers, and sometimes from the media.  It seems a common set of questions continued to come up, so I got together with my colleagues Eric and Cheryl Devuyst to put to together this University Fact Sheet to provide some succinct answers.

We answer the following 11 questions as best we can in a mere two pages.

  • What is a GMO?
  • Why are crops genetically modified?
  • Are GMOs safe to eat?
  • What crops in the U.S. are genetically modified?
  • What are the environmental effects of GMOs?
  • Do farmers need to use more pesticides with GMOs?
  • How are GMOs regulated?
  • Are GMOs banned in Europe?
  • Should food companies be required to label foods with GMOs?
  • What are the economic effects of farmers using GMOs?
  • What are the potential downsides of GMOs?

You can find our answers here.