Assorted Links

  • The New York Times published several letters responding to my piece on environmental improvements at large farms.  I'm happy to have sparked a conversation!
  • My paper with Trey Malone on the effect of California's animal welfare laws on egg prices has been officially published by the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  I should note that the state of Massachusetts has a ballot initiative before voters this November that will, if passed, make its egg-housing policies similar to those in California.
  • Speaking of Trey, another of our co-authored papers was finally released by the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.  The paper looks at the effect of state alcohol laws on the number and type of breweries in the state.  "We find that allowing breweries to sell beers on-premises as well as allowing for breweries to self-distribute have statistically significant relationships with the number of microbreweries, brewpubs, and breweries."
  • Interesting result from analyses of NHANES data: "A very small percentage (2.1%) of the U.S. population aged 1 year and older identified themselves as vegetarians; and within this group, only about 3% were true vegans - they did not report consuming any animal protein sources on any given day" and "Among these self identified vegetarians, almost half reported consumption of meat, poultry, or seafood."