Food and Ag Related Election Results

Donald Trumps surprising electoral win is likely to dominate the headlines for weeks.  But, across the nation there were a variety of less-well-publicized votes on issues related to food and agriculture.  Here are a few of those results. 

Massachusetts Ballot Question 3 appears to have passed with a whopping 78% of the vote.  This state ballot initiative bans farmers from producing eggs from hens in so-called battery cage systems and it bars grocery stores from selling eggs from such systems.  Here are results from my research papers on the effects of this type of regulation in California. 

Oklahoma State Question 777 appears to have failed garnering only about 40% of the vote.  This was a so-called "right to farm" amendment to the state constitution (details here).  Also in Oklahoma, state question 792 passed, allowing (among other things) grocery stores to sell wine and liquor stores to sell cold beer.

Soda taxes appear to have passed in San Francisco and Oakland with roughly 60% of the vote and also appears to have passed in Boulder, CO with about 55% voting in favor.   These cities now join Berkeley, Chicago, and Philadelphia in instituting soda taxes on the premise that they will fight obesity.

Marijuana legalization was on the ballot in several states, While perhaps not considered an agricultural issue, somebody has to grow the stuff!  A majority of California, Nevada, and Massachusetts citizens voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana use, but the issue failed to garner majority support in Arizona.