Media Review in the AJAE

A few months back, I tried to convince my good friend, Bailey Norwood, to take on the job of book review editor for the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.  In typical fashion, Bailey said he'd only do it if he could do things his own way.  He wanted to expand the content of what gets reviewed to include documentaries and other forms of media.  

His plan has come to fruition.  The journal just released the first three reviews.

In the first, Nicole Olynk Widmar discusses the wickedly funny paper by Andrew Keeler, which pokes fun at nonmarket valuation methods (and in the processes raises some serious and thought provoking issues).  

Then, Marco Palma briefly reviews a National Geographic article on the "Science of Delicious".

Finally, David Just takes a critical look at the documentary film, Sugar Coated.  The most surprising thing I learned from the review is that two of my co-authors, Helen Jensen and Jutta Roosen, appeared in the film!