Assorted Links

  • I had a nice discussion with Ron Hayes on the Oklahoma Farm Report on what we've learned from the Food Demand Survey (FooDS) and we also covered several other issues affecting agricultural producers.
  • My blog post on the Berkeley soda tax has prompted some reaction from Parke Wilde at US Food Policy blog and Marion Nestle at the Food Politics blog. Despite what is implied by these posts, I haven't changed my stance on the issue: acknowledging a reduction in soda consumption from a soda tax isn't the same as saying a soda tax causes a substantive change in weight or public health or that it improve's people's overall well-being.  
  • The podcast Missed in History had a recent episode on Butter vs. Margarine, and it is an interesting account of how protectionists tendencies can often hinder new food innovation, and it outlines the often grey area between consumer protection and producer protectionism