Agricultural Economics Journals

For the professional agricultural economists out there, you might want to take a look at my latest President's column in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Exchange.

Here's a preview:

There have been some dramatic changes in the publishing landscape for authors of journal articles in agricultural and applied economics. However, my sense is that these changes are not widely known or acknowledged. As a result, the AAEA and some of our “sister” associations have been caught a bit flat footed. Despite the fact that the publishing landscape has dramatically changed in the past decade, some core aspects of the AAEA’s journal offerings have remained static. If we want to continue to serve our members and remain a source for key research in agricultural and applied economics, some change is likely warranted.

The whole thing is here.  I'll also emphasis the closing call for feedback and input:

More broadly, the aforementioned changes have prompted the board to consider whether and how the AAEA might increase the supply of journal articles published under the Association’s banner either through existing outlets or perhaps through a new one entirely. We are in the beginning stages of thinking about how to respond to these structural changes in the publishing landscape. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions.