What do consumers think of the FDA's new nutritional labels?

We've known for a few months now that the FDA has been planning to revise and update the nutritional labels appearing on packaged foods.  

There has been a lot of discussion in the news about the merits (and demerits) of the label.  But, what do consumers think?

In the most recent issue of my monthly Food Demand Survey (FooDS), we directly asked consumers what they thought.  Here is a screenshot of the question we asked (note: the order of the labels was randomly varied across surveys).

The images were taken from an FDA website showing an example of the new, proposed label along with an example of the current label.

We have data from 1,016 respondents (data was collected last week); results are weighted to be demographically representative of the US population with a sampling error of +/- 3%.

We found 26% said they preferred the current label, 57% preferred the new, proposed label, and the remaining 18% said they were indifferent.