Assorted links

Author of study suggesting sensitivity to gluten now has new research showing no ill effects


Baylen Linnekin writing at on the documentary Fed UP, and the idea that we should have taxes on sugar-containing foods and drinks:

But why should government screw Americans twice? Why tax us to give a needless handout to farmers who raise crops that are turned into sweeteners and then tax us a second time as punishment for buying the products that contain those sweeteners? Where's the logic in that?


When comparing rates of obesity over time, this research shows you need to do more than just "age adjustment" but rather adjust for a host of demographic characteristics:

We find that changes in demographics are partly responsible for the changes in the population distribution of BMI and are capable of explaining about 8.6% of the increase in the combined rate of overweight and obesity among women and about 7.2% of the increase among men


This WSJ post on the liberal-conservative index associated with eating establishments was interesting.  Although there is a need to control for geography before drawing firm conclusions, I found it interesting that Chipotle had one of the highest conservative-liberal gaps.  Might tell us a little something about the target audience of those Chipotle videos.


Urban greengrocers are back