The Behavioral and Neuroeconomics of Food and Brand Decisions

That's the title of a special issue I helped edit with John Crespi and Amanda Bruce in the latest issue of the Journal of Food and Agricultural Industrial Organization.  

Here's an excerpt from our summary:

To economists interested in food decisions, progress seen in other fields ought to be exciting. In the articles for this special issue, we gathered information from a wide range of research related to food decisions from behavioral economics, psychology, and neuroscience. The articles, we hope, will provide a useful reference to researchers examining these techniques for the first time…The variety of papers in this special issue of JAFIO should provide readers with a broad introduction to newer methodological approaches to understanding food choices and human decision-making

A complete listing of the authors and papers are below (all of which can be accessed here)

•       The Behavioral and Neuroeconomics of Food and Brand Decisions: Executive Summary
o   Bruce, Amanda / Crespi, John / Lusk, Jayson

•       Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Food Decision-Making: A Brief Introduction
o   Lepping, Rebecca J. / Papa, Vlad B. / Martin, Laura E.

•       Marketing Placebo Effects – From Behavioral Effects to Behavior Change?
o   Enax, Laura / Weber, Bernd

•       The Role of Knowledge in Choice, Valuation, and Outcomes for Multi-Attribute Goods
o   Gustafson, Christopher R.

•       Brands and Food-Related Decision Making in the Laboratory: How Does Food Branding Affect Acute Consumer Choice, Preference, and Intake Behaviours? A Systematic Review of Recent Experimental Findings
o   Boyland, Emma J. / Christiansen, Paul

•       Modeling Eye Movements and Response Times in Consumer Choice
o   Krajbich, Ian / Smith, Stephanie M.

•       Visual Attention and Choice: A Behavioral Economics Perspective on Food Decisions
o   Grebitus, Carola / Roosen, Jutta / Seitz, Carolin Claudia

•       Towards Alternative Ways to Measure Attitudes Related to Consumption: Introducing Startle Reflex Modulation
o   Koller, Monika / Walla, Peter

•       I Can’t Wait: Methods for Measuring and Moderating Individual Differences in Impulsive Choice
o   Peterson, Jennifer R. / Hill, Catherine C. / Marshall, Andrew T. / Stuebing, Sarah L. / Kirkpatrick, Kimberly

•       A Cup Today or a Pot Later: On the Discounting of Delayed Caffeinated Beverages
o   Jarmolowicz, David P. / Lemley, Shea M. / Cruse, Dylan / Sofis, Michael J.

•       Are Consumers as Constrained as Hens are Confined? Brain Activations and Behavioral Choices after Informational Influence
o   Francisco, Alex J. / Bruce, Amanda S. / Crespi, John M. / Lusk, Jayson L. / McFadden, Brandon / Bruce, Jared M. / Aupperle, Robin L. / Lim, Seung-Lark