Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis

About 10 years ago, Bailey Norwood and I published an undergraduate textbook entitled Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis.  The book was originally published by Prentice-Hall. Over the years, we'd considered revising and updating various portions of the book, but the publishers were never appeared interested in releasing a second edition.    

Now, Waveland Press was secured the rights to publish the textbook (their site for the book is here).  For now, this is just a reprint of our original version, but they've agreed to put out a new edition in the future as well.  Bailey and I will probably pick up a couple co-authors who have been using the book in class.  More on that in a year or two when a new edition is set to drop. 

For now, you can enjoy the new cover.


Or, if you can read Greek, you can also buy that translation here